nimi rao

Nimi is a longtime member of the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery at the Torpedo Factory. Nimi experiments with different knitting techniques and studies how various hand-knitted fiber art objects could be embellished with infusing beads to enhance their overall appearance and use. Nimi’s interest always has been to develop a technique to integrateknitting with crocheting and felting with a variety of yarns, and embellish the knitted object by strategically locating beads and mirrors to enhance the knitted fabric. Several knitted original designs have been developed by integrating techniques from hand knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting and embroidering. Nimi’s creations are presented in art shows under the business name “Unique Knits-Karpur Creations”. Presently, Nimi is employed in the U. S. Department of Energy as a physicist.

Nimi is also a member of the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild. Her work has been exhibited in fashion shows at the Strathmore Hall, MD; the Creative Crafts Council Show, MD; FiberArts97 in OR; “If the Arts Fit Wear” Chicago, IL; and Breaking Patterns at Harmony Hall, MD. Nimi Rao has received Best of the Show Rosette at the Montgomery County Fair. As an invited artist, Nimi has participated at the Hageley Museum Craft Fair, DE, and Audubon Holiday Fair, Chevy Chase, MD. Nimi regularly displays her knitted art works at galleries, boutiques and fashion shows in Maryland and Virginia.

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