betty ford

My medium is layered and stitched fabric, AKA quilts. My usual technique is raw-edge, fused collage; it suits my preference for working intuitively, rather than by following a strict design or pattern. 

Landscape is my strongest influence, particularly that of my home state, Kentucky, and my adopted home, Maryland. Fear of living in Megalopolis fuels the desire to depict diminishing open spaces. In spite of this, I prefer to work in a more abstracted style in the belief that it reveals the artist, more so than does realism. 

I began making very traditional quilts in the late 1980s and have since moved into more contemporary styles. I have studied with many of the country’s most famous art quilters. Besides the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild, I belong to other local guilds: Nimble Fingers, Bethesda Quilters, as well as major national groups: Studio Art Quilt Associates and the Surface Design Association.

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