jill newman

I create one-of-a-kind hand-felted art jewelry and accessories that celebrate color, texture, and individuality.  Once upon a time, I was a lawyer, but I have always pursued artistic endeavors as well.  I officially quit my job to become an artist over 15 years ago.  When I discovered needle-felting several years ago,  it was love at first poke.*  Since then, I have dedicated myself to developing my technique and creating original fiber art.

My designs are inspired by the complex beauty of nature as well as the simple elegance of geometry.  Over time, I have developed what I believe is a very distinctive style that is both modern and classic.   My multi-step felting process involves a combination of dry and wet felting techniques to achieve a tight felt with intricate abstract designs.  Beginning with a sketch and vibrant wisps of fiber, needle felting allows me to simultaneously paint and sculpt with wool.   I often incorporate Swarovski crystals and iridescent Czech glass beads, hand-wiring components together, because I love how the sparkle of the beads complements the earthiness of the felt.  I use antiqued high-quality silver-plated jewelry findings,  because I feel the subtly vintage look gives my modern designs a timeless appeal.  My latest works are on a larger scale and made entirely of wool.  I am exploring the interplay of meandering organic forms with dynamic geometric elements.  The texture and luster of the felt are wonderful, and even my largest pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear.   I ensure that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind and up to my high standards of craftsmanship.  My pieces are meant to be worn and enjoyed. 
I am proud to be a member of the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery and look forward to working with and learning from this wonderful community of talented fiber artists.  As Zazzy Peacock Studios, I also exhibit my work  at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and at local fine craft shows.  I work out of my home studio in Maryland.


*For those who are unfamiliar with needle or dry felting, the technique uses specially barbed needles to tangle and mesh wool (or other animal fibers) together to create a non-woven material that we call felt. The needle must be poked repeatedly (countless times)  over the entire surface of the piece to ensure the fibers are thoroughly felted together.  The needles come in many sizes and varieties designed for various purposes.  Needle felting allows artists to create flat artwork as well as three-dimensional sculptural works.

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