Joni Seidenstein

After a decade of quilting, I entered the art world lit by a passion to communicate stories and wonders of the natural world that fascinated me. With themes of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, cosmology and more, my fiber works are a reminder that the world of science is not only captivating, but accessible to everyone with a bit of curiosity and imagination. My work focuses on exposing things that are typically hidden from plain view. With colorful, visually textured backgrounds, the themes of my pieces are given a playful stage for contemplative celebration.

I work with fiber because of its intimate nature, but also its versatility. It can be firm, yet soft and allows me to layer textures and meaning both physically and chromatically. Quilting encompasses many diverse techniques; the excitement of exploring new processes might be similar to what a scientist feels like in the lab. My work often includes three-dimensional elements and a variety of materials in order to fully express complex scientific ideas. I encourage viewers to form their own questions and step onto a playful path of allowing them to discover answers.

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