Luanne lindeman

My grandfather was a tailor and I made my first quilt top from a bag of his old suit samples when I was still in grade school. I didn't realize back then how important fabric and quilting would eventually become to me and didn’t seriously get into quilting until the 1990s. 

My early works were traditional, and while I continue to love and be drawn to traditional quilts, my quilting has broadened to include more pictorial art quilts. I enjoy the challenge of working within the constraints of what is possible to construct by sewing fabrics together, as well as the challenge of how to best translate the vision in my head to a finished quilt with the limited selection of available fabrics.

I made my first basket in 2009. I’m inspired by the history of quilts and baskets, and by the fact that utilitarian objects can both be beautiful and provide a way for their makers to express themselves artistically.

I became a member of Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery in 2015 and belong to two other local guilds, Nimble Fingers and Bethesda Quilters. I have also taught classes at local quilt shops. 


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