lubna zahid


I have always been quite taken with color and design - even as a child I was drawn to art and artistic people. I ended up going to an art school and graduated college with a bachelor's in Fine Arts. After college I taught art for several years. Later in my career, I decided to learn graphic design and worked as an illustrator for advertising firms.

The two mediums that I am in love with are watercolors and silk painting. I find both to be quite similar. These mediums allow for a certain type of wondrous fluidity and animation which is exciting but unpredictable. After years of experimenting I have become less keen as an artist to tame these mediums and have instead grown to cherish their caprice.

I paint silk scarves, eyeglass covers, pins and wall art. You can find these items at the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery. I also create original silk paintings inspired by Persian, Arabic and Indian manuscript illuminations, primarily from the 15th century onwards. My work plays with their symmetry and modernizes these motifs to suit contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.

I have exhibited in various juried fine art shows, festivals and galleries. I am also a member of Potomac Fiber Arts Guild and Muslim Women in the Arts. Please visit my website to see more of my art pieces.


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