mary pendergrass

Since the 1970s I have explored all forms of fiber art, starting in art school. I have been drawn specifically to two aspects of fiber: the manipulation of the medium in two and three dimensions, and the historical and cultural connections of fiber worldwide.

Fiber lends itself to endless possibilities in manipulation in both two and three dimensions, and I have been growing a body of work that has a basis in basketry. The connection of history, culture, and adaptation to change is reflected in even the most contemporary forms of basketry.

In the past ten years I have also been looking at the special character of silk and all the ways it reflects light depending on basic weave structure and the dying/painting process. The next phase will be the merging of the two techniques.

Weaving and fiber art has always been about process and connection for me. I am fascinated with process and the way finished work connects me to the past and also the viewer to my work. Everything I have ever made, woven, painted, and taught, has carried both themes to others.

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