vad moskowitz

It was several years after I'd graduated with a Fine Arts degee in Ceramic Design that I discovered the loom! I'd always loved textiles and in the '70s there was a revival of interest in handweaving as part of the return to the simple life movement of the time.

When I learned to weave at a shop in Georgetown called The Silver Shuttle, I knew that I'd found my medium. In the early years I wove my share of lumpy ponchos and woolly things to hang on the wall. For 12 years I taught weaving at the Old School in Waterford VA. I had a 3 year stint doing production weaving for Roz Harris Designs. At this job I wove scarves designed by someone else which sold in stores like Saks, Bergdorf 's and Neiman Marcus. For many years I wove rugs using yarns colored with natural dyes.

Currently I am designing and making one-of-a-kind special occasion bags. Beginning with a unique swatch of handwoven fabric, I shape and construct each bag to complement the structure and pattern of that fabric. I think of each bag as a little sculpture. Each one presents its own visual and structural problems which I enjoy solving. I love to make beautiful things that people handle and use.

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