beverly baker

My Fabric Art is rooted in my childhood joy of design and fabric. My grandmother (born in 1907) passed down classic techniques for embroidery and sewing learned in the last century. My first studio was her farmhouse, where I would design and make unique clothes for my dolls using “treasures” from her attic. My mother later encouraged me to use these skills to make my own clothing for high school.

My father supported my foray into watercolors and oils. I captured the scenic beauty of the Northeast like old water mills and our picturesque campsites. Although painting honed my color design and composition skills, I found myself drawn time and time again back to the medium of fabric. Decorative stitches, trims, beads, and appliqué became my palette to convey the same sense of beauty but captured in fabric on an infinite canvas of textiles.

I design for the woman who wants an artistic flair to her wardrobe. Inspired by the colors of nature, I create a bold and vibrant look. Although trained in Haute Couture, I prefer the casual fun look of wearable art. Every garment, handbag, or tote bag is constructed with great care and attention to detail to ensure top quality. Each design is original, although some are variations on a theme. The woman who owns one of my creations will never see a party guest or social colleague sporting the same adornment or accessory. Instead her fashion statement will be as unique as she is.

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