joyce keister


My love for art and fashion turned into a lifelong passion for creating and designing one-of-a-kind fabric and clothing. I make wearable art, beginning from scratch with my own handwoven fabrics that range from silk to merino wool, cashmere, cotton and even bamboo.  Then I transform my fabricsinto designs that incorporate bold colors and patterns, that are timeless and comfortable to wear.

I dye yarn, wind the warp onto my loom, thread each strand through the heddles, and weave the fabric.  I use a computer program to design original weave structures. The luxury of silk fabrics have always appealed to me.  I now dye and paint silks, for scarves and a few silk garments.  Shibori techniques involve using many devices to create resist patterns.  Discharge, stenciling, pleating and binding the silk also create pattern.  Clothing is sewn and finished in my studio.

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