lynne Hoffman

I have been creating artistic pieces since I was a small child. Having grown up in a home that included both a professional artist and a musician, I quickly developed a love and appreciation for both art and music. These influences have colored my perspective to see the beauty in nature, art, and sound, compelling me to create images expressing my impressions of it. I have been taught and mentored by many professional artists over my lifetime. I use these teachings and insights to create my artwork. I have chosen fabric as the base for my work, dying it to a full range of pleasing colors, then using collage as my technique. The suppleness and fluidity of fabric, the way it takes my dyes and the texture of it, speak to the way I see the world. Fabric can be subtle or vibrant, smooth or coarse, fragile or tough, transparent or opaque. In my collages, I place chosen snippets of it in a seemingly random yet truly ordered way. They come together to create a harmonious, beautiful piece of artwork. It is the same in life and nature, all of these things fitting together.

Life and nature carry all of these qualities, too; pieces fitting together, seemingly haphazard, yet in an ordered, deliberate fashion.

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