roz houseknecht

Roz is a long time gallery member, creating one-of-a-kind wearables and accessories using natural fibers that have been hand dyed. Her art includes woven clothing, scarves, shawls and Judaica. Recently, Roz has begun to explore felting techniques to make hats, scarves and light-weight clothing. Other work is crocheted using hand-dyed yarns to create jewelry and hats.

Roz works with customers to design unique prayer shawls for life cycle events. These tallitot can be seen locally and nationally. ArtSites, the guild for Judaic arts, is the primary showcase for this body of work.

Roz has a business selling hand-dyed yarns with Janet Stollnitz. They show under the label of “Dyed Dreams” and may be seen at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival each spring. These yarns are also available at the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery.

In addition to the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery, Roz has participated in local fashion shows at Strathmore Hall and throughout the DC area. 

Gallery participation has included being the vice chair in charge of the jury day process, a member of the jury committee and one of the display managers.

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